Audio clips available:

"Johnny Reb" radio editorial "Let Georgia Wallace Speak"

The "Johnny Reb"  radio "Rebel Yell"

WSGA Sonovox Jingle

70's Blue Universe spot with Bob Roberts

Allnight Lyndy

Howard Cosell Promo

News in Brief with Don Gardiner

How we died before AIDS

Brent Alberts on WSGA

Chris Kay on WOLF

American Contemporary Radio News Sounder

Danny Kramer Promo for Donny Brook and  Instant Dedication cart with Donny Brook
Not the original with Gene McDaniels "Hundred Pounds of Clay" . Anybody got it???

Danny Coleman on WSGA

Shop Downtown, cause that's where everythings at....

Peter Garrett gets gassed  this is LONG.

Don Wade and Roma on WLS Also LONG.

WSGF FM95 automated 1977 Lyndy 

Goodtimer Jingle

Howie Castle on WOLF

Jan New with the Stocks from the offices of Merrill, Lynch, Fenner and Smith.

Jerry Katz pumpkin promo

Peter Garrett "Newsman" promo

Scott Mcleod on The Big 140

The Goodtimer Tan Tone and the Goodtimer Beach Report

The Bob Roberts Todd Rundgren spot

United Security Spot - Chuck Rawlinson

WBYG BIG radio jingle

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